What is the meaning of “SFS” on Instagram?

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Meaning of SFS on Instagram

SFS might be something you might see on comments on Instagram or in chats. The meanings differ based on context as well as social media platforms.

If you see it in the comments, then the full form of SFS is Shoutout For Shoutout. This means that if a user comments this in one of your posts, the user will give you a shoutout in their profile if you do the same for them.

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Check out the definition for the same from Urban Dictionary

Shout Out for Shoutout
Commonly used by Instagramers to request a return shoutout once a shoutout is provided to another Instagramer in an effort to get more followers.
Neal: SFS for more followers please.
Bob: OK, will do @neal

Another reason for commenting SFS is to get a lot of likes or comments in return for doing the same. People do this on Instagram and other social media so that the engagement brings in more reach.

Spam for spam,
A common phrase on Instagram and other social blogging websites, basically a user requesting you to like a large number of their pictures in return for them liking a large number of yours.
Hey, sfs?

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For websites designed to sell products, SFS mean “Still For Sale”.
Still for sale.
People will often ask this on sites like Shpock and Craigslist to ask if an item is still for sale or if it has already been sold.
Buyer: SFS?
Seller: Yes

Meaning of SFS in texting

Just like people type in lol instead of “laughing out loud”, sfs is used to say “So F*cking Stressed”.

So Fucking Stressed
When you are stressed out beyond belief and you just can’t take it anymore.
Bob: Finals are tomorrow bruh
Fred: Oh Shit I’m SFS!
Bob: I know I haven’t even started studying yet nikkuh
Fred: It’s too much to handle I give up

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Of course, there is a sexual full form of this abbreviation –

Short for Sexual Frustration Syndrome;
the state of being sexually aroused and/or frustrated. The need for sexual healing to alleviate chagrin.
Dude, I’ve got major SFS, I need to get some pootang.


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