Instagram: 40 best Lana Del Rey lyrics for captions

Screenshot from YouTube @Lana Del Rey

The beautiful lyrics of Lana Del Rey are perfect for your Instagram captions for all kinds of posts and selfies.

Here is a collection of the best of her lyrics that you can use to complement your photos and give a tribute to your favorite celebrity.

Lyrics of Lana Del Rey as Instagram captions

  1. Am I that girl that you dream of?
  2. What I do, I do best.
  3. We didn’t know that we had it all but nobody warns you before the fall.
  4. If you weren’t mine, I’d be jealous of your love.
  5. You gonna hit me like a lightning 
  6. I keep my lips red to seem like cherries in the spring.
  7. So many things I would say to you
  8. You don’t ever have to be stronger than you really are.
  9. You f*cked me so good that I almost said, ‘I love you’
  10. You know sometimes, baby, I’m so carefree.
  11. If he’s as bad as they say, then I guess I’m cursed.
  12. All of the guys tell me lies but you don’t.
  13. Catch a wave and take in the sweetness.
  14. Loving me is all you need to feel.
  15. I didn’t call when I got your number, but I liked you a lot.
  16. You try to push me out, but I just find my way back in.
  17. The poetry inside of me is warm like a gun.
  18. Boy, look at you, looking at me.
  19. Honey, you don’t ever have to act cooler than you think you should.
  20. I f*cked up, I know that, but Jesus, can’t a girl just do the best she can?
  21. I want money, power, and glory.
  22. I’m pretty when I cry.
  23. I’m the bolt, the lightning, the thunder, kind of girl who’s gonna make you wonder.
  24. I’ve got monsters still under my bed that I could never fight off.
  25. I feel free when I see no one and nobody knows my name.
  26. If you hold me without hurting me/you’ll be the first who ever did.
  27. Do you want me or do you not?
  28. Sometimes girls just want to have fun.
  29. I fucked my way up to the top.
  30. You don’t know the half of the shit that you put me through.
  31. We’ll do whatever you want, travel wherever, have fun.
  32. You’ve got the music in you, don’t you?
  33. It’s not fashionable to love me.
  34. I guess that I’m burned out after all.
  35. I just wanna dance with you
  36. As the summer fades away, nothing gold can stay.
  37. Heaven is a place on earth with you
  38. I wanted to reach out but I never said a thing.
  39. Baby, I was doing nothing the most of all.
  40. Lost but now I am found.