25 best quotes from Outer Banks to use as Instagram captions

Screenshot from YouTube @Rotten Tomatoes TV

Outer Banks is a beautiful TV series that has some of the best quotes that you can use as Instagram captions.

We have made a list of these quotes and the types of photos you can use them for. This means that you can use awesome quotes even if you haven’t seen this American action-adventure mystery teen drama.

Outer Banks quotes for the summer

  1. The downside of Pogue life is we’re ignored and neglected. But the upside of Pogue life? We’re ignored and neglected, which means we do whatever we want, whenever we want. -John B
  2. Hey, do you remember when you kissed me? -Kiara
  3. Biggest pet peeve? Easy. Giving 1% to the environment. We only have one Earth, we should be giving it 100%, bare minimum. -Kiara
  4. No pogue-on-pogue macking. -JJ
  5. Woogity Woogity -Pope
  6. Don’t worry, I will sugar mama you – Sarah
  7. We’re the Pogues and our mission this summer is to have a good time, all the time. -John B
  8. I’m on a treasure hunt -John B
  9. I’d rather die than be without you. -Sarah
  10. You want to make our own incriminating evidence? Is that what you’re talking about? -John B

Instagram captions for photos with people

  1. Until I see a body, I’m not giving up. -John B
  2. I got a jet going straight in my butt right now. -JJ
  3. Mommas mad -JJ
  4. Not much of a hugger, man. -JJ
  5. I’ll pay you back. -Rafe
  6. When people get close to me, I feel trapped. And I bail and I blame them for it. -Sarah
  7. You love being seen with me, but you don‘t love me. -Sarah
  8. Denial’s underrated. You should try it sometime. It’s highly effective, and it’s only denial if you’re wrong. -John B
  9. Kids are gettin’ weirder every year.
  10. You are gonna be a fishing instructor, and I’m gonna have a sandwich shop. And we are gonna have a house on the beach and a dog and a cat. -Sarah
  11. You hang out with trash, you get dirty. -Mr. C
  12. You are just gonna walk away like this never happened? -John B
  13. And that’s when the stories start, my dad missing, my uncle MIA, and the bride of Frankenstein threatening foster care. -John B
  14. John B, I know you are there, son. I know you can hear me, and if you love my daughter like I think you love my daughter, then you will turn that boat around and come back. – Ward
  15. Back in the friend zone. -John B