Instagram: 50 funny liners for bios in 2022

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Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Bios depict your personality to your friends and followers so it is important to have a funny or a unique line on Instagram that expresses you.

We have a great collection of funny bios and punny lines that will go perfectly with any account –

Funny bio liners for Instagram

  1. When you’re downie, eat a brownie.
  2. Even the Joker is jealous of my smile.
  3. My heart says yes but my mom says no.
  4. Don’t call me crazy! I prefer the term mentally hilarious.
  5. Instagram cool effects allow me to wear expensive dresses without spending a penny, I love it.
  6. I love saying the things that are better left unsaid.
  7. Chocolate never asks questions. Chocolate understands.
  8. I wish I could swipe people left in real life like Tinder.
  9. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m a ninja.
  10. I have Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I guess that makes me an instant twit face.
  11. Can’t seem to recall where I stole this bio from or why.
  12. Here to steer clear of my family and friends on Facebook.
  13. I wonder how many miles I’ve scrolled with my thumb..
  14. Beauty is only skin deep. But ugly? Ah, that goes all the way to the bone!
  15. If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.
  16. Guilty as charged! My hotness caused global warming.
  17. Coffee-Drinker, e-Reader Addict, Blogger. I’m very busy and awesome.
  18. An evolutionary mass of atoms whose sole instinct is survival.
  19. Only dead fish go with the flow.
  20. Asking me if I’m hungry is like asking me if I want money.
  21. The worst time to have a heart attack is during a game of charades.
  22. All this time, I thought I wanted a job. Turns out, I just wanted a paycheck.
  23. I’m not smart. I just wear glasses.
  24. Don’t be ashamed of who you are. That’s your parents’ job.
  25. Today I will be as useless as letter g in lasagna.
  26. Ah, I just love the whooshing sound that deadlines make as they fly by.
  27. Trying to elevate small talk to medium talk.
  28. Life is short. Make each hair flip fabulous.
  29. Time is precious, waste it wisely.
  30. Extremely passionate about not starving to death.
  31. If you’re not wasted, the day is!
  32. Emotionally stable, as an Ikea table.
  33. Reality called so I hung up.
  34. I don’t make mistakes, I date them.
  35. Avoid following the masses blindly. Every so often, the “m” in “masses” is silent.

Bios with pun

  1. The bags under my eyes are Gucci.
  2. My puns are koala-tea.
  3. Don’t kale my vibe
  4. Everyone has me figured out, which makes it super easy for me.
  5. I’m always choco-late.
  6. I have resting beach face.
  7. I’m very a-peel-ing.
  8. Every butt, big or small, is special. Learn to love each and every one of them.
  9. Puns leaf me smiling.
  10. Let’s taco ’bout it.
  11. The snuggle is real.
  12. My cat says I’m pawsome.
  13. When life gets over-whale-ming, you have to keep on swimming.
  14. Donut worry. Be happy.
  15. Ever since my parents told me not to talk to strangers, I haven’t talked to myself.