TikTok: Three meanings of MLM explained – marketing to religion

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There are three very different meanings of MLM on TikTok. But fear not, Hashtag Hyena is here to explain them all to you.

While you may see MLM plastered across social media in relation to some sort of marketing schemed that instantly makes your head implode, there are also various other definitions.

Join on on the fun educational ride below – yippee!

MLM – multi-level marketing on TikTok

Multilevel marketing companies have been a big controversy on many social media platforms as they use these social platforms for recruiting purposes.

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In their new community guidelines, and under a section on frauds and scams, TikTok states that they will ban or remove any content supporting multilevel marketing.

TikTok is now the first social media platform to state that multilevel marketing is forbidden!

On Twitter, people are joking about how bad MLM is, with users giggling at how they simply don’t fall for it.

@philomena_block on Twitter tweeted in a sarcastic way ‘i am thrilled to announce I FINALLY got personally invited to join a multilevel marketing scheme by someone I knew in high school!’

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So what is wrong with MLM?

If you are apart of these companies then you may make a lot of money when you’re sat at the very top of the marketing chain. However, people who are lower down make little to no money and that’s how the scheme works.

MLM keeps feeding new people into their tired system, with those at the bottom gaining nothing and those at the top reaping the benefits.

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TikTokers turn MLM into a joke

TikTok @hattie.loise made a video turning MLM companies into a joke. She rates each of them in a sarcastic tone stating why they are so crap. Leading other TikTokers to create the #anti-mlm the video reaching 3332.4k on TikTok has left some companies pissed.

A woman working for an MLM company sent Hattie Loise a DM and sent her messages trying to defend MLM companies.

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Comments promoting this company are getting deleted and blocked 🥰 #antimlm #mlm #pyramidscheme #fyp #foryou

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MLM- Muslims lives matter

US Muslim teenager Feroza Aziz Ticktok video went viral thanks to her Muslims lives matter video, which allegedly showed images of Muslims in China being taken to concentration camps and poorly treated.

She stated that the video outlined “another holocaust” and that “Muslims are being forced to go against what they believe by eating pork and drinking alcohol”.

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From this, the hashtag #mlm has been surfacing TikTok to spread awareness about what is happening in china to Muslims.

Three other definitions on TikTok and more

  • Men like Men
  • Muslims lives matter
  • Multilevel marketing