Facebook story shared by Nicko Perez explained – death of a mechanic worker shared online

Unsplash,Brett Jordan
Unsplash, Brett_Jordan

Nicko Perez’s recent Instagram story has got a lot of fans talking, many of them disturbed and upset. A recent video he shared has his followers wishing they could press “unsee”.

Find out more about the video and why videos of people dying on social media should not be condoned.

Who is Nicko Perez?

Nicko Perez has a small social media following and shares little personal information about himself. He has 3,433 followers on Facebook who were able to view his story.

His account only has one photograph and the page is called a ‘personal blog’. However, he has shared a video on his page and his story and it has caused a great deal of concern online.

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It is unclear how Nicko Perez came across the footage or why he shared it.

What happened on his Facebook story?

The story shows CCTV footage of a mechanic falling into a piece of machinery and dying. Another man then enters and sees what has happened, trying to help but it is too late.

The video is disturbing and many Facebook users are likely to have found it deeply upsetting. More information about the man, or the location of the warehouse, is not disclosed.

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It is important not to share traumatising videos on social media as they are disturbing and traumatising for app users. Many people might have clicked on Nicko Perez’s story without warning and would have had no idea what they were going to witness.