TikTok: Do You Know YouTube and Instagram star Mrs.Space Cadet?

Erin Azar aka Mrs.Space Cadet

Haven’t You heard about Mrs. Space Cadet-a YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok Sensation? It’s fine, I’ll tell you. 

Mrs.Space Cadet is very popular among social media influencers for her training for marathons. Erin Azar have 600k+ followers on TikTok. New to this platform must have more questions about her. Let me explain to you.

What’s the Real Name of Mrs.Space Cadet?

Erin Azar is the real-life name of Mrs.Space Cadet. She is known with her username @iammrsspacecadet and @mrsspacecadet on social media. In a recent interview, she said; she had never thought about becoming a Social Media star.

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Who is Erin Azar?

Erin Azar, who goes by the name Mrs.Space Cadet is no ordinary fitness influencer. She is an inspiration to many social media users interested in health and fitness. She prepares for a marathon by running 12-15 miles a day, and sometimes even more. 

After all this, she never gives up and inspires many with her positive attitude towards fitness.

About Mrs.Space Cadet’s Personal Life

Erin Azar lives in Central Pennsylvania. Some of you might be in shock after I tell you she is married. Erin is a 37 years old woman, and she has three kids.  

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Meet Mrs.Space Cadet on Social Media

@mrsspacecadet posted her first video around two years ago. She had no idea that the views on video would cross the 100 million-plus mark on TikTok. Just imagine hitting this many views out of the blue. Now Erin Azar, or Mrs.Space Cadet, has more than 640k+ followers on TikTok, 55k+ on Instagram.

Want to Know Why She has Started Running!

In her last interview, she claimed that she had no intentions to be a content creator.

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But after having her third baby, she had a thought of running. So when Erin started running, she started filming. She wanted to use them as a reminder of her progress and motivation to move forward stronger. 

When she posted the video, Erin was mesmerized by the response she was getting.

Insights Erin Azar Shared for Aspiring Runners 

Erin Azar gave insight to everyone that you should never compare yourself to anyone.

She advised new runners to be persistent and proceed as slowly as possible to establish the habit. Say aloud, “I can run one mile,” instead of saying, “I can only run a mile.” In short, just gather your victories and celebrate.