What is Cancel The Noise on TikTok? Why is #cancelthenoise trending?

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A new hashtag is trending on Tiktok. The #Cancelthenoise videos on TikTok are all going viral in order to promote @boseofficial’s Noise Cancelling Earbuds!


Pops is cancelling out the noise w/ @boseofficial Noise Cancelling Earbuds! #sponsored #CancelTheNoise #BoseAmbassador

♬ Cancel the Noise – Bose

What are the Bose earbuds?

Bose headphones have released new pairs of Noise Cancelling Earbuds and they are the worlds most effective noise cancelling earbuds.

They are small, in ear headphones that allow you to listen to music effectively and without interupton!

Who is promoting them?

TikTok profiles with a large following have been promoting the earbuds by using the hashtag (#CancelTheNoise) and tagging @boseofficial in their posts. All of the videos use the same audio, which is called Cancel The Noise. There are some really big names on Tiktok who are promoting them including:

@mmmjoemele who has 10.5 million followers

@Grandma_droniak who has 1.6 million followers

And many many more people have started sharing the videos as well.

Why is it trending?

Because of the huge name TikTok stars who are promoting the earbuds, the hashtag is trending because everyone wants to be involved. Fans are even making their own versions of the posts using the sound.