TikTok: Shawty got a big ol booty song and lyrics explored!

Screenshot from YouTube @Lil Earl

A TikTok trend that every celebrity is hopping on right now is swaying to the lyrics of “Shawty got a big old booty” song.

This must be the easiest trend to do as all you have to do is sway your hips from right to left to the beat of this song. Basically, twerk that booty when the song says “twerk”, that’s it! Check out the lyrics below to follow along.

All about the song – Shake that *ss

This song has music that you can totally vibe to. The trend is really about turning on the music and let your body follow the beat on its own.

Most users start from the head and end the video at the face. The camera angle slowly goes up showing the body clearly from toes to head.


Reply to @thesmartconservative1 idk why you care, but if this will make you happy.. #HoldMyMilk #InTheHeightsChallenge #FriendsReunion

♬ Shake That Ass – J.Earl 🌟

All the famous celebs like Bella Poarch, Addison Rae, Valentina, etc. have tried on this trend and gotten millions of likes and views.

It is now your time to shine. Choose your best outfit, do your makeup and hair, and get ready to show off your best self. You can do it alone or with a partner or a friend. Don’t forget to have fun though.

This song has been used in more than 396k videos so far and the number is just going up. The artist who posted this song – J.Earl – has created similar songs like Shake that Booty, She gone shake it, She gone enter, etc.

He is an up-and-coming musician with just 2.85k subscribers on YouTube. But with the way his song got popular on TikTok, he won’t be a hidden gem for long.

Shawty got a big ol booty lyrics

Gimme gimme gimme
Shawty got a big ol booty
Yeah (oooh)
Twerk, yeah
Twerk, yeah
Lemme see the twerk (ahhh)

Shawty got a big ol booty
Lemme see it (yeah)
Yeah (oooh)
Twerk, yeah
Twerk, yeah

These are the lyrics that you will hear on repeat on TikTok open this song.