TikTok: Go bestfriend trend explored!

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Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

If you are a dancer on TikTok, the next tune you need to dance on is “Go best friend, go best friend, ahhh, f*cked up”

This one is not part of a song but an audio recording that got very popular. Posted by an Unknown user, this audio has been already used in 250k videos so far (by 4th November 2021). It is the most happening trend right now for all the TikTokers so you should join it asap.


2am vibesπŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ’™πŸ’™ @katttrod

♬ Original Sound – Unknown

Go best friend TikTok trend explained

This audio has repetitive lyrics that go “Go best friend, go best friend,..” Then “Ah f*uck it up, Ah f*ck it up,..”. After that comes the sound of laughter followed by gunshot noises.

Dancers on TikTok are getting creative in using these sounds and beats to form a dance routine that is aesthetically pleasing.

So this trend is something you do with a best friend or a partner. It is a couples trend that is going to be a fun bonding experience for the besties.



♬ Original Sound – Unknown

The beats are very fast and the only way to dance to them is to be fast and in sync with your partner. This means you will have to practice a lot even if it is a simple routine.

So go get your bestie and convince them to join the trend. Don’t forget to add the #gobestfriend hashtag so that it can bring you clout. The hashtag has already gained 92 million views.

It is the kind of song you play and dance with your bestie at late night. Or send to your bestie to remind them how annoying you are and yet how much you still love each other.

Send this article to your bestie and ask them to join you in this trend. You don’t have to prepare much to dance to this beat.