TikTok: Bugs Bunny song and challenge explained! Check out the best attempts here


New TikTok trend alert and even though it sounds cartoon related, it’s not. Here’s everything you need to know about the Bugs Bunny challenge!

The challenges on TikTok seem to be never-ending and amid a pandemic, where there isn’t much else to do, too many aren’t enough. The Bugs Bunny challenge started as a simple adoration post for a Doberman dog and now it has become the latest trend on TikTok, moving away completely from the original video.


как вы просили, для повов и эстетичных видео 💗💋 #doberman #доберман

♬ самый грязный заяц – GERDA & DARI

What is the Bugs Bunny challenge on TikTok?

The Bugs Bunny challenge has over 112.5k recreating videos and almost 66 million views.

It started as a cute appreciation post for someone’s pet, and now it has started a whole new trend.

The challenge seems to be mostly done by females on the platform and blowing up in views and likes quickly.

The only lyric that can be understood from the Bugs Bunny challenge song is the part where it says “Bugs Bunny”, as every other lyric is in Russian.

Bugs Bunny TikTok song revealed

The song of the Bugs Bunny challenge is a slowed version of “Гучи” by Тимати (Timati) and Егор Крид (Egor Kreed).

Timati and Egor Kreed are both Russian hip hop artists, very successful in their country, ready to take over the world through TikTok.

Their song Гучи, which is translated to “Gucci” in English, was released in 2018 and has over 83 million views on YouTube.

The slowed version of Гучи is becoming a hit on TikTok and we can’t get it out of our heads. Listen to the song below.

How to join the Bugs Bunny challenge

To join the trend, you need to be standing in front of a mirror. Showing your face is optional, as you can easily hide it with your phone if you’re camera shy.

You’ll need to have your feet up in the air so that they give the illusion that you have Bugs Bunny ears on top of your head.

You can either keep it simple or go the extra mile and spice things up like suggested in the video below.

5 Best attempts

Reaction to the challenges are a great way to get some clout.


TW ugly feet 🦶😂 #bugsbunny #bugsbunnychallenge Btw I have on a summer dress 👗🙄 #fyp

♬ самый грязный заяц – GERDA & DARI