TikTok: Follow the funny trend “Bark at your dog”

Photo by Marliese Streefland on Unsplash

There are some pranks that TikTok takes it to another level which is not cool but Bark at your dog is a funny and wholesome prank.

If you are a dog owner, we recommend joining this trend 10/10.

Bark at your dog TikTok trend explored

TikTok users are calling this a “Bark at your dog challenge” and the hashtag has gained 11.5 million views. The basic idea is that randomly when the dog is chilling around, just bark at him and record the dog’s reaction.

It works best if you haven’t done this often or ever to the dog. Most videos show the surprised reaction of the dogs and all of them are hilarious.

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Check out how @thederpymal‘s dog reacts to the owner barking at him. You can tell he is thinking “the audacity of this guy, barking at me, ME??? How dare he!”

This one was confused a little in the beginning but then he was ready to attack and show them who’s the boss.

Some dogs get so offended at the bark that they have to leave the room immediately after giving a stink eye.

Then some dogs just politely and kindly explain to the owners to stop messing around.

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Make sure not to upset your dog too much. They can get jumpy and give you the silent treatment as well. Treat them with care and kindness.

Will you join the challenge? Let us know how it went in the comments below.


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