How To Remove TikTok Watermark 2021?

Remove Watermark on TikTok

Do you want to know how to repurpose your TikTok consent without the watermark? Especially for those who want to share their TikTok video on Instagram reels. They should know that the algorithm doesn’t like content with a TikTok watermark. So this is a trick of making the reels think that this is a regular video by removing the watermark.

Remove TikTok video watermark for free.

Steps of removing TikTok watermark

So first of all, open your TikTok profile. Make a new video or open an old one.

After that, you should click on those three little buttons. Then save the video as a live photo.

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The next thing you want to do is go into your photo album. Find that same video, and you will click save as video. Then when you open the same video, as you could see the only watermark that you can actually see that’s visible is all the way at the bottom. So the next thing you should do is edit and crop it so that you sort of remove that little TikTok logo. Then save it.

Next part is important! We are going to strip the original audio from that video and overlay it into this new video that we’ve created.

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For the next step, you can use some mobile app editor or you can use your computer. We are going to suggest doing it on your phone because it’s going to save you a step.

You can use any mobile editor. As long as you can strip audio, that’s all you’ll really need.

On the app, you select the original video with the watermark and the one without the watermark.

Then you go volume and extract audio, then you move the audio file all the way to the left. Then you delete the old file with the audio.

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You are going to resize the new video, make the zoom full and play it from the top. 

There you have it.

The latest way to delete a watermark

There is also another way that is even easier and is the latest so let’s see it.

  • Open the application and the video you want to save without watermark, press the three small buttons and in the option “Share to” go to COPY LINK.
  • Close the application. In your browser you will type “Download TikTok no watermark” and click there.
  • Here you just paste the link you copied, and press download.
  • Once you have finished downloading, you have more options so you will choose the option that suits you best.
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Just in case, we will leave you a TikTok video and YouTube video below, where you can see the steps even better. Take these steps, and download your videos without a watermark.

TikTok video from

YouTube video How To Apps