Instagram: Meaning of “DT” and why it is put in captions

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There are various meanings of DT but on Instagram, there are only two meanings that are relevant and we will tell you all about it below.

Meanings of DT on Instagram

The first meaning of DT on Instagram is “Dedicated to”. It is used to give the dedication for whom the post is made or posted.

The second meaning of DT that is most commonly used on Instagram is “Double Tap”. This meaning has cropped up recently than the first, after the update of double-tapping a post to like it was brought about on the platform.

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Urban Dictionary meaning

dt is editor slang standing for ” dedicated to”.
It means the edit you made is dedicated to a specific person.

commonly used on instagram when referring to a to be honest or shoutout post
#dt #like

There are other meanings as well that are used not just on Instagram but on all platforms.

Deep throat. The ability to push a cock all the way down your throat and basically swallow it. Some girls gag, but overcome it. Other girls gag, but their partner helps them out a bit, usually by grabbing hold of her head and forcing their cock down her throat. Also know as throat fucking.
she gives okay head, I just wish she could dt me.

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Acronym for Detectives. Usually refering to detectives that stalk around town looking for criminals and criminal activities.
Yo there’s a DT that moved in just a few blocks away so be careful what you do around here now.

Here is a list provided by a user that includes all the full forms and meanings of DT along with examples –

It’s not a common sight to see this word in many convos, but just in case you do see it pop up ever so rarely, these are the most known meanings of it:
1: “Down To” – NOTE: Can also be used for other acronyms such as “dtf” aka “Down to fuck”
2: “DeepThroat”
3: “Delirium Tremes”
4: “Detective” – NOTE: Includes all types of detectives
5: “Downtown”
6: “Double Team”
Example 1 – Scenario: SMS/Instant Messaging
A: Hey u dt go get some cheeky nandos l8r?
B: Busy w/ homework, sry
Example 2 – Scenario: Variable, though usually SMS/Instant Messaging
A: Yoo, last night she gave me dt for almost two hours straight!
Example 3 – Scenario: Variable
A: My dad just got diagnosed with dt…
B: Sucks to hear, man.
Example 4 – Scenario: Variable
A: Hey man, don’t get too cocky with that guy, I heard he’s a dt.
B: No way, really?
Example 5 – Scenario: Variable
A: I gotta go dt to pick up a friend.
B: Alright, I’ll be waiting.
Example 6 – Scenario: Variable, although often used during a video game
A: Oh, no! It’s a dt! It’s a dt!
B: God please stop Minecraft was famous back in fucking 2010 it’s been 7 years please stop for the love of Christ