Instagram: IYKYK meaning and full form

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You think you know how to go about on social media platforms and engage but then people start commenting stuff like IYKYK and you are left wondering if you will ever feel like you belong on the platform.

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Meaning of IYKYK on Instagram

IYKYK has become a trending hashtag and left users even more confused as to what it could mean. Here is the full form explained by the Urban Dictionary –

If You Know You Know
Last nights party was crazy #iykyk
by catlover29 December 04, 2016

secret melodramatic girl language; used to cite drama, inside jokes, and the stirring of pots.
has potential to create copious amounts of fomo
last night was crAzYYyy;)) iykyk
by boardinbish September 29, 2019

Well iykyk if you don’t, you don’t.
Absolutely no one:
Quirky girl: Vine Reference ahaha iykyk
by IHaveASmallPP January 08, 2020

Also a Tiktok trending hash tag, iykyk stands for IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW.
If you were there, you’d know, but if you weren’t, you wouldn’t. Simple teenage stuff…
The party was cray cray! #iykyk
by Lil Mitts July 25, 2020

So now that you understand the full form, do you know the meaning?