Facebook: What is the Drop Your Beautiful Dog Head Challenge?

    Alvan Nee, Unsplash
    Alvan Nee, Unsplash

    The ‘Drop Your Beautiful Dog Head Challenge’ is the latest challenge to hit Facebook. It comes after the Unflattering Dog Photo challenge which took place last month.

    The Unflattering Dog Photo challenge saw Facebook users encouraged to send ugly or funny slips of their pets using the hashtag #unflatteringphotochallenge. The idea is to entertain and cheer people up on social media, and who doesn’t love dogs?

    This month’s ‘drop your beautiful dog head’ challenge is quite different. Find out why!

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    What is the ‘Drop Your Beautiful Dog Head’ challenge?

    The drop your beautiful dog head challenge asks Facebook users to share adorable headshots of their dogs, or other pets, on social media. It provides an opportunity for pet owners and dog lovers to share cute photos of their beloved animals.

    The ideal entry features a dog, front-on, looking at the camera with wide eyes and a sweet expression. It is very difficult to look at the pictures and videos submitted so far without feeling your mood improve.

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    Anyone can take part as long as you have a dog that’s able to sit still for longer than a few seconds.

    What are some of the best entries so far?

    • 1. This adorable golden Labrador puppy, watch the full video by Ashif Ali here.

    2. This horse who wanted to join in the fun. Watch the full video by Jackie Galloway Finger here.

    3. This thirsty Pitbull on holiday. Watch the full video by Amstaff, Pitbull & other dogs here.

    4. This pretty, well-groomed spaniel. Watch the full video by Angela Schuller here.

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    5. An excitable dog in slow-mo. Watch the video by Boubou Abdelilah Savasci here.

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