TikTok: Who is @kerryatkins3? Is her ‘cheating’ video real?

Screenshot, TikTok, @kerryatkins3

A TikTok account featuring a video of a man accusing his wife of cheating on him in a parody of ‘Love Actually’ style signs has gone viral. The video of the woman admitting the affair has amassed over 2.8 million views!

As the man seems to shame the wife who apparently cheated behind his back, she is blissfully unaware of what he is about to do. Fans of the video have left their comments, with the majority outraged at the cheating scandal and many finding the act hilarious. The video can be found on the account Kerryatkins3.

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TikTok: Who is Kerryatkins3?

Kerryatkins3 is a TikTok account that boasts over 71.3k followers on the app. She uses the hashtag #queenstitch on almost all of her Tiktok videos. The majority of her videos receive a high amount of views, with her most viewed one being the ‘Love Actually’ cheating parody (part 1) which received 2.8 million views.

Her Bio states that she is ‘making people laugh during lockdown’, which according to the comments on her TikTok’s, she definitely seems to be doing!

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Fans react to the video

One fan commented ‘LMAO’.

While another commented ‘I need a part 2’.

And on a seperate video that was reposted by @kerryatkins3 one commented ‘if you think this is funny, you have a sense of humour’