TikTok: How to do the Dolphin Dance

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TikTok dances are enough to keep you fit, but they aren’t as easy as they look; give the Dolphin Dance a try and you will understand.

Remember the time when Charli d’Amelio was being judged for becoming famous doing such short and simple dances? 

Well, that lasted until people started doing the dances themselves and as it turned out, it wasn’t that easy after all; many people have injured themselves in the process. 

Lately, the hardest TikTok compilation has been the Dolphin Dance, mainly because of its technique.

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The Dolphin Dance challenge 

The Dolphin Dance has over 82 million views and many TikTokers have done the challenge, including Addison Rae, Charli d’Amelio and Noah Beck.

Many people have attempted the Dolphin Dance compilation thinking they know-how, but sadly they do it wrong 🥴. 

How to do the Dolphin Dance 

  • Firstly, choose a side and stand sideways, feet are always apart throughout the dance.
  • Once you’ve chosen a side, it’s time to practice the hip movement.
  • Slightly bend your knees and move your hips towards and then back. This forward-back hip movement might seem easy but actually needs practice to perfect.
  • Once you’ve practised that, it’s time to add a circle to the hip movement.
  • Move your hips forward, up and around, creating a small circle; remember to always keep your knees slightly bent.
  • Afterwards, tilt forward a little, feet with distance apart, place your hands together on your forehead and start jumping.
  • Finally, combine all the steps you’ve practised. 
  • Put your hands together on your forehead, bend your knees, push your hip back and do the up and around circle while incorporating the jump.
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Repeat all the steps combined multiple times and you’re ready to stun other TikTokers 💃.