One Finger Selfie Challenge on Instagram: Do or don’t post?

solen feyissa KWZaakds unsplash

It seems most trends these days are becoming more revealing by the day, with body positivity and movements like #freethenipple in the media’s limelight so often.

But don’t be shocked, this is the new norm and challenges like the One Finger Selfie Challenge are being created for the body positive.

What is the One Finger Selfie Challenge on Instagram?

The challenge consists of individuals positioning their finger at an angle and distance from their camera so that the finger covers their private parts. The majority of people doing the challenge take their #Onefingerselfiechallenge in front of a mirror, stark naked.

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With everything on the internet, there are people that agree and disagree, and make their opinions vocal. Teen Vogue has warned people of taking such photos and posting them for the world to see.

Seven amazing examples of the Insta Challenge

Some people didn’t fully understand the trend:

Some weren’t too keen on the naked part, but still wanted to join the challenge:

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The challenge has been around since 2016, never quite taking off to viral status, but people wanted to do it. In some cases, people used the trend as a form of body transformation tracking, taking the one finger selfie challenge every two years to show the progress they have made, or the body they have worked hard for and kept over many years:

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So, as much as body positivity is an important topic, are people going to regret posting these revealing photos in the years to come? Maybe. But, for now, this kind of content is supported.