TikTok: Snowman Challenge lyrics and how to get involved!

snowman with camera
Photo by Balázs Benjamin on Pexels.com

A trending challenge for TikTokers on Christmas – the Snowman Challenge. Beware! It’s not for everybody. It challenges your vocal cords, precision, and requires a great set of lungs. Are you sure you can take this up?

What is the Snowman Challenge?

Sia released a song called Snowman from the Everyday is Christmas album in 2018 but it has started to get a lot of attention on this Christmas. The challenge is to sing a verse from the song in a breath.

Although it sounds easy, the verse is about 40 seconds long and requires an impressive set of vocal cords. So if you can do it, you deserve some serious bragging rights.

How to do the Snowman Challenge on TikTok

You can use the instrumental version of this song (shared below) and record your voice singing the song over it. You have to sing the entire lyrics written below in one breath while holding the pitch.

Lyrics to the Snowman Challenge song

“I want you to know that I’m never leaving,

Cause I’m Mrs. Snow, ‘til death we’ll be freezing,

Yeah, you are my home, my home for all seasons,

So come on, let’s go,

Let’s go below zero and hide from the sun,

I love you forever where we’ll have some fun,

Yes, let’s hit the North Pole and live happily,

Please don’t cry no tears now, it’s Christmas, baby,

My snowman and me.”

Do you think you have it in you to take up this challenge? Here is a compilation of some of the TikTokers who have tried this challenge. Some have sung marvelously and others have failed miserably.