TikTok Big Bank Challenge; You Show Off Your Dance Moves and Your Booty

TikTok Big Bank Challenge
Girl in TikTok Big Bank Challenge

Another exciting challenge started on TikTok in January 2021.This time, it was the Tiktok Big Bank Challenge. The challenge was so popular that hashtag #bigbank now has more than 1.3B views.

The TikTok Big Bank challenge was inspired by $not and Flo Milli’s song, “Mean”. In the challenge, women show off their booty as they dance to the lyrics of this song. So, in the challenge, big bank means big booty.

The challenge made $not’s song, “Mean” very popular. The lyrics go like this, “I’ve got a small waist, pretty face with a big bank”.

A compilation of exciting videos of the Challenge

Who started TikTok Big Bank Challenge?

The first video of the TikTok big bank challenge was posted on 2nd January 2021. It was posted by a TikToker @halle.c00l.Cat. She recorded the video wearing a subway restaurant uniform. The video went viral and it got more than 8 million views in only five months.

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After the first video was posted, the challenge started. TikTokers were up to the challenge. They posted more than 75,000 videos on TikTok and most of the first videos of the challenge went viral because they were just incredible.

How to do the TikTok Big Bank Challenge

•  Just click the TikTok app on your phone

•  Start playing the song “Mean” by $not and Flo Milli

•  Dance to the song and turn around to show off your booty (big bank)

•  Record yourself

•  Post the video to TikTok

How Some TikTokers Made the Challenge More Exciting

TikTokers are very creative. Some people decided to excite their fans further, so, they made the challenge raunchier. They showed off their dancing skills and their booties while wearing leggings. Others took on the challenge while wearing shorts or swimwear.

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As you know, leggings, shorts, and swimwear tend to exaggerate the booty. It especially happens when the person is dancing. TikTokers were ecstatic when they watched such videos. 

Taking the TikTok Big Bank Challenge to another level by dancing while wearing leggings

Some People’s Reaction to the TikTok Big Bank Challenge

As usual, some people loved the TikTok big bank challenge. They could not get enough of the entertaining and sexy videos posted. But others were not too happy with the challenge. They felt that the girls showing off their booties were immoral or were looking for likes. 


The TikTok big bank challenge is so much fun and you can have even more fun if you do it with your friends. So, show off your booties as you dance to the song “Small Waist Pretty Face.” Whoever has the best dance moves and the biggest booty wins the challenge.


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