What happened to Julia Rose’s Instagram? Account was reported!

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Screenshot from @itsjulia_rose TikTok

Julia Rose, model and social media influencer, recently had her Instagram account banned and supporters are wondering just why this is.

Read below to find out what happened to the model’s Instagram account and what she is doing about it!

Who is Julia Rose?

As a 27-year-old American model, Julia Rose first became popular for featuring on an MTV reality show and is now well known for her previous relationship with Jake Paul; Youtube star, actor and professional boxer.

Her online content also differentiates Julia from many other models due to her revealing image uploads.

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Julia Rose is founder and CEO of Shagmag, a digital magazine which features exclusive and uncensored content of herself and other models.

With a huge following, the model has an Instagram account with the username @itsjuliarose, until it was recently banned.

She also uploads content onto TikTok (@itsjulia_rose) where she promotes her digital magazine.



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With 617.1K followers on Twitter (@JuliaRose_33) the model is now having to post content on this platform as opposed to Instagram.

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Why was her Instagram account banned?

During an interview with the Hollywood Raw which was uploaded onto heir Youtube channel (@Hollywood Raw), Julia admitted that her page was often reported.

Rose quoted:

“My page is probably one of the top reported pages out there, I’d say, 100 percent.”

Although nothing has been confirmed as to why Julia Rose’s account may have been reported, she is known for posting almost-nude photographs of herself on the platform.

Instagram’s community guidelines clearly state that the platform does not allow nudity to be posted on their site, yet Julia perhaps got away with her content in the past since she had covered particularly explicit features.

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How is she posting online content now?

Due to her ban, Julia has taken to Twitter to post her usual content, and she manages to shade Instagram while doing so…

On 25th November 2020, Julia posted a revealing image of herself, throwing shade at Instagram in the caption which highlights Twitter as her preferred media site.

Julia then took to Twitter on 28th December 2020 to state that she is now trying to clean up her feed.

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The model also included a link to her backup Instagram account, which has since been deleted.

What do you think? Did Julia Rose deserve to be banned from Instagram?