What Do You Meme Instagram Filter – how to do it yourself!

Source: Instagram (whatdoyoumeme)
Source: Instagram (whatdoyoumeme)

Famous party game company ‘What Do You Meme‘ have introduced a new iconic Instagram filter that gives you the chance to create famous meme moments that you can share on your Instagram story.

What is a meme?

A meme is an amusing or interesting image, video or piece of text that is typically humorous in nature, which is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations.

What is an Instagram filter and how do I get them?

Every mobile device that has the Instagram app should be able to access all the Instagram filters.

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Instagram filters are used to enhance a creators story reel. These filters can modify the way you look or add something special to your story by using a combination of effects. 

You can access all of Instagram’s filters by swiping right on your home screen on a mobile device which accesses the camera.

How to access the What Do You Meme Filter

  • Like any Instagram filter you just need to swipe left on your Instagram page to access your camera.
  • You will see plenty of filter options at the bottom of your screen.
  • If you swipe right across all these filters there will be a ‘browse effects’ button.
  • Once clicked you will be able to see Instagram’s effect gallery. If you then click the search the term ‘WDYM?’ in the top right you will be able to see a video from the What do you meme page.
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Source: Instagram (whatdoyoumeme)
Source: Instagram (whatdoyoumeme)
  • If you click the button in the bottom left titled ‘Try It’ you can make your own meme masterpiece

Now it is time create your own meme moments to share to your friends and follows who can join in the fun too.