TikTok: “Take The Lollipop” challenge explained – horror movie inspired!

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TikTok challenges are never-ending and every time a new one lands, we are speechless. The Lollipop challenge will give you goosebumps.

On TikTok there is something for everyone, whether you like dancing, cooking, pranking or comedy, you will find it on the platform.

If you’re a fan of horror movies and you’ve been thinking that TikTok might not be the place for you, you should check the Lollipop challenge 🍭. 

This challenge has been around for almost a decade but has now made it on TikTok.

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What is the Lollipop challenge?

The Lollipop challenge is better known online as the Lollipop Zoom game, which is inspired by the short movie “Take This Lollipop”. 

“Take This Lollipop” is an interactive horror movie, where you sit and watch every member of the call being taken down by an online stalker.

The movie is interactive, thus extra scary, because it doesn’t feel like a normal horror movie but you rather feel that you are on a call with these people, that you are a part of the movie.

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This movie has turned to a game and it has become a challenge on TikTok; the hashtag “Take This Lollipop” has over 5 million views.

If this idea intrigues you and you want to join the trend, you can visit the website and play the Lollipop Zoom game 😰.

Who invented the Lollipop Zoom game?

The Take This Lollipop game that has gone viral in 2020 is a follow-up of the 2011 short horror movie. 

Back then, a Facebook app with the same name became very popular online.

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The goal was to take users personal information from their Facebook profiles and turn them into stars of a horror movie.

Jason Zada was the director and writer of the movie and Bill Oberst Jr. starred as the creepy stalker. 

The movie’s title is influenced by the 1963 song “Please Little Girl Take This Lollipop” by Bobby Jameson.