Instagram: Jimmy Smacks responds to ‘gay’ rumours following viral video leak

Screenshot from Insta ac @jimmy_smacks

After a video of Jimmy Smacks went viral, speculation around his sexuality and whether he was gay arose, to which Jimmy felt the need to respond to via a live Instagram story.

Jimmy Smacks is an adult film star (as stated in his bio on Facebook) and a content creator on OnlyFans.

Read on to find out what Jimmy said on his social media video.

Who is Jimmy Smacks?

Jimmy is a 30-year-old adult film star who lives in New York and is of African-American descent.

He is widely known as an OnlyFans content creator and he came into the limelight for dating Trina, the American rapper. Their relationship only lasted about eight months, starting in August 2019 before fizzling out in April 2020.

He is also popular on Instagram with 540k followers, where he posts almost explicit content to tempt followers into subscribing to his OnlyFans page. If you want to check out his work, his username is @jimmy_smacks.

Jimmy is known to post short clips of adult entertainment with different types of women, aiming to promotes ‘different types of beauty’ from body size to ethnicities, which audiences often praise as it breaks the mould of traditional online adult websites.

And this may be the reason why he becomes the first male to become a millionaire through OnlyFans.

A video went viral which involved him supposedly engaging in sexual acts with another man. This led to a lot of people calling him “gay” in a derogatory tone.

Jimmy’s response to the ‘gay’ rumours

After going live on Instagram, Jimmy confirmed that although it was him in the video, he is not gay. He emphasized that it was just a one-off thing while voicing his support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Speaking in the Instagram Live, Jimmy said: I post on social media because I don’t give a f*ck. I post midgets.. I post because I want to. I am comfortable in my own skin. I mean I know what I do. All this ‘gay’ talking.. I know what I posted.

About the video, he said that he just wanted to try something. Something different. He doesn’t feel that he should need to give any explanation or clarity about this.

After that, he said that now that people have seen this, a few of his friends don’t want to be around him.

At one point he also mentioned that “I am actually sad that I’m seeing people that I am close with talk sh*t about me.”

He says that this incident, no matter what people are saying, is not going to change anything for him.

We are glad he is taking this strongly and hope that people stop judging every one just for their sexual preferences.